You’ve just won something truly amazing! (Chapter 4)

Posted on July 7, 2011


Continue reading below to claim your prize–you have your choice of a new car, a trip to Fiji or $500,000.

Are you still reading?  If so, then I just passed the 1.54 second/5 second test.  As for truth in advertising, I’m afraid I failed.  There is no new car or a trip to Fiji.  I’d love to have $500,000 to share with you, but my meager paycheck will hardly suffice.  I do believe, however, that email can be a very effective tool for marketing and sales.  I consider myself a pretty average, midwestern mom.  I love shopping for deals and I subscribe to a number of daily “deal” emails.  Living Social, Zullily, Groupon and Mamapedia are my favorites.  Every morning, I check my email on my smartphone.  I can’t even read the entire subject line, but it is enough to get the jist of the email.  This morning the subjects included “Half-off Subscription to Disney FamilyFun,” “5 Yoga Classes,” “Up to 69% off classes at One Tree Yoga,” and “Mary Engelbreit’s Sweetest looks.”  1.54 seconds seems pretty accurate for the amount of time I gave that subject line in determining whether or not to open the email.  Today, I went 1/4.  I don’t do yoga or Mary Engelbreit, but I was curious about the subscription.

I opened the Mamapedia email and found that the Disney magazine subscription was $5.  It definitely took my less than 5 seconds to find the price of the magazine and decide whether or not I was going to click-through.  $5 is definitely a good price, but I still decided to pass on the offer.  My one-person case study of the 1.54 second and 5 second rules rang true.  In order to get my business, they have to first spark my interest in the subject line and then win me over immediately with the actual email.  If I decide to click-through, the sale is almost always a sure thing.

E-mail marketing seems like a no-brainer.  It’s free and effective.  End of story.  The science behind it, though, will determine whether or not your ROI is worthwhile.  As I read about day parting, I started thinking about my recent job search.  I was busy applying for jobs online and often did most of my work in the late evening.  I sent my resumes in the wee hours of the morning, assuring they would be there when the HR person opened her email in the morning.  What a dumb move!  Perhaps this is why I still don’t have a new job.  I’m going to try day parting with my future job search endeavors.  Emails sent at 11am Tuesday thru Thursday might make the difference!  Apparently, Yahoo! Answers would have told me the same thing a number of years ago.  Yahoo! Answers allows subscribers to answer others questions to any and all questions.  When asked when to send in a resume online, “justanickname” replied, “Tuesday is good, after 11AM.  Reason – Monday is full inbox. Lot of people email on Tuesday morning, so best to let HR clear their inbox (by 11AM) and THEN send it in.”  (  I guess we are all in agreement.