An Experiment in Podcasting (Chapter 10)

Posted on July 10, 2011


Susan’s First Podcast

I haven’t figured out how to do the RSS Feed of my podcast yet, so I’ve added the text below.

I’ve been reading Lon Safko’s The Social Media Bible and just finished with Chapter 9, which was, of course, about podcasting.  Safko makes it sound so easy.  Just download this and download that, go there for some free music, and upload it to the internet, and voila…you have created a podcast.  A couple of things really stood out to me when I read through this chapter though.

The first is that I wish I had an Apple.   Safko talks about GarageBand and editing programs.  There is no doubt in my mind that this would be easier on an Apple.  At the very least, the programs would already be on the computer and I wouldn’t have to download anything.

The second thing that really stuck out to me was the differing opinions between Safko and Evo Terra, the coauthor of Podcasting for Dummies.  Safko says to get out there and try it—don’t worry about being perfect.  In fact, being perfect is a bad thing.  Terra takes a different approach.
He warns you NOT to start podcasting until you’ve done some research and QUALITY is important.  Terra thinks that the audience is getting smarter and will expect a more polished podcast.  Both authors did agree on using Audacity and The Leveler.

I took their advice to heart and downloaded Audacity.  I haven’t looked at a single tutorial, but I’ve been able to figure out the basics.  I also found a pod-safe song to start my podcast.  Beyond that, though, I’ll have to do some more playing around before I am ready for the big leagues.

To be honest, I haven’t listened to many podcasts in my time.  As a consumer, though, I can see why they would be appealing.  A quick search
led me to a number of podcasts done by Clif (the energy bar company) about getting ready for a race.  Clif gets free advertising while runners listen to expert advice about race-preparation.  Genius!

Safko says that an audio podcast is worth a thousand pictures, and a video is worth a thousand audios.  Personally speaking, I would be much more likely to watch a video online than listen to a podcast.  If I was given the choice between a podcast and reading something, I would probably just read it.  Safko seems to think that there is real value in podcasting, but I can’t help but wonder how much more potential a video has on the internet?  Maybe that is what we will learn about next week.

Good bye for now.
Have a great one!