About this Blog: I’m taking a social media class this summer and we’ve been assigned to read the book, “The Social Media Bible,” by Lon Safko.  My assignment was to create a blog and write about the different chapters.  Safko is the expert, not me, but I hope to provide additional food-for-thought from a layman’s perspective.

About Me: I’m a grad student studying journalism and mass communications at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  My undergrad degree from Augsburg College was in speech/communications.  During college, I interned for PBS/Thirteen in NYC on a documentary with David Hartman.  After college, I moved to California and started working in commercial production.  I was the Production Manager for A Band Apart Commercials.  We shot commercials for Gap, MLB and Budweiser while working with some of the biggest ad agencies in the country.  For the past ten years, I have been working for various youth-oriented non-profit organizations.  I hope to get back into the field of communications when I finish my masters.  Experience with social media seems to be the number one requirement for a job in communications.  I’m doing everything I can to learn about and participate in all aspects of social media.

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